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“Show me your fighting spirit… If you don’t, I’ll destroy this planet!”
– Broly, Dragon Ball Z: Broly

Broly is a legendary Super Saiyan of the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Saiyans of this level only appear once every 1,000 years.

As a child, Broly’s power levels were near that of King Vegeta and Goku’s father. Because the child Broly was disturbed by baby Goku’s crying, he developed a grudge against him.

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Later, Broly’s father fought to save him from King Vegeta, who saw the boy as a threat. The two escaped and plotted revenge on the royal family.

After losing to Goku, Broly was assumed to have been destroyed. In reality, he slept for seven years before returning to fight Goku’s son, Goten.

With the help of the whole family, including the deceased Goku, Goten launched Broly into the sun.

A different version of Broly appeared in Dragon Ball Super. Instead of a maniacal villain, this version of Broly is kind-hearted yet confused.

He was raised on a deserted planet, leaving him naive but intuitive and fiercely loyal to his father.

Are you ready to go Super Saiyan? Sharpen your pencil and enter the hyperbolic time chamber – it’s time to step up your training!

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Easy, step by step Broly drawing tutorial
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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Broly

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Broly drawing – step 1
How to Draw Broly Step 01

1. Begin by drawing Broly’s head and face. Draw his Super Saiyan hair using two curved “M” shaped lines. Allow them to meet at a point on each end, and connect them with a curved line at the middle. Then, use curved lines to detail the face – outline the chin and cheeks, the ear, the nose, mouth, and furrowed brown. Use straight lines to draw the triangular anime eyes and the brows above them. Draw a small rectangle to form the earring.

Broly drawing – step 2
How to Draw Broly Step 02

2. Continue to draw the wild Super Saiyan hair. Use pairs of curved lines that meet at sharp points.

Broly drawing – step 3
How to Draw Broly Step 03

3. Draw additional tufts of hair sticking out between the existing tufts and along the sides of the face. For each segment, use a pair of straight or curved lines that meet at a point.

Broly drawing – step 4
How to Draw Broly Step 04

4. Use curved lines to outline Broly’s shoulders and contour the veins and ligaments of the neck. Then, use curved lines to enclose the enormous chest muscles. Notice the overlapping of the lines on the outer edges. Then, draw a five-sided shape like an inverted crown across the top of the chest. Detail it with two small circles and an oval. This is the ring device that keeps Broly’s immense power under control.

Broly drawing – step 5
How to Draw Broly Step 05

5. Draw Broly’s bulging muscular arm. Use curved lines to outline each section of the muscles. Notice how the lines overlap, and how some meet at points. Then, use overlapping curved lines to enclose the hand and fingers of the clenched fist.

Broly drawing – step 6
How to Draw Broly Step 06

6. Draw Broly’s muscular torso. Outline the sides of the torso with overlapping lines. Then, use curved lines to detail the pectoral, abdominal, and oblique muscles.

Broly drawing – step 7
How to Draw Broly Step 07

7. Draw Broly’s remaining muscular arm. Use curved lines to enclose each of the irregular rounded shapes, as well as the fingers of the balled fist.

Broly drawing – step 8
How to Draw Broly Step 08

8. Draw the top of Broly’s garment. Use a series of overlapping curved lines to sketch the top of the cloth. For the ragged bottom of the cloth, use curved lines that meet at jagged points. Then, outline the belt using curved lines. Detail the belt with a large oval.

Broly drawing – step 9
How to Draw Broly Step 09

9. Texture Broly’s hair with curved lines running down its length.

Complete Broly drawing
How to Draw Broly Step 10

Color your cartoon of Broly. His garments are red and his hair glows yellow.

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