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Complete Captain Marvel drawing

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Captain Marvel – also known as Carol Danvers, the adoptive sister of Supergirl – received her superpowers when she became a hybrid of human and the alien Kree.

You can learn how to draw Captain Marvel today!

Captain Marvel is a key player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was integral in helping Iron Man and others defeat Thanos.

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Did you know? A previous incarnation of Captain Marvel or Mar-Vell was male. He was a “white-skinned minority of the blue-skinned Kree empire” who became a hero despite discrimination against him.

Eventually, he was assigned a mission to Earth and became sympathetic to its people.

Uncover your superpowers as you learn to draw your own comics and cartoons!

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Easy, step by step Captain Marvel drawing tutorial
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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel drawing – step 1
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 01

1. Begin by drawing the superhero’s face. Use curved lines to outline the sweeping hair and the chin. Then, use curved lines to sketch the eyes, nose, and lips. Draw thick lines above the eyes to indicate the eyebrows, and shade a small circle within each eye to indicate the pupil.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 2
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 02

2. Use curved lines to draw the hair. Notice how locks of hair are made using pairs of curved lines that meet at points, and how the lines overlap to give the image depth.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 3
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 03

3. Sketch the shoulders and the top of Captain Marvel’s uniform. Enclose crooked rectangular shapes to form the collar of the garment, with a short line for the crease. Between the portions of the collar, enclose an 8-pointed starburst shape. Use short, straight lines that meet at points. Then, use overlapping curved lines for the shoulders and the tops of the sleeves.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 4
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 04

4. Use overlapping curved lines to draw the muscular upper arm, the lower arm, and the clenched fist. Draw a short line across each knuckle. Detail the garment with “L” shaped lines around the collar and straight lines between the points of the star.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 5
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 05

5. Use a pair of curved lines to sketch the extended arm, noting the bend of the elbow. Outline the hand and fingers using curved lines. Then, outline the side of the torso using a long curved line. Use pairs of curved and straight lines – some of them branching – to sketch a gauntlet on one wrist.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 6
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 06

6. Draw a long curved line on the opposite side of the body, outlining the abdomen and front of the leg. Then, detail the uniform. Use pairs of curved lines to draw a gauntlet on the remaining wrist. Draw a pair of curved lines across the waist to form a belt. Enclose the irregular geometric shapes of the holster above and below it. Then, extend pairs of curved lines upward from the belt, and connect each pair at the end. Draw curved lines across the chest.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 7
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 07

7. Use long curved lines to outline the leg and foot of the second leg, as well as the thigh of the first leg. Add further detail to the utility belt and its contents. Use pairs of lines and geometric shapes.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 8
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 08

8. Use two curved lines to complete the remaining leg, bent at the knee. Notice that the foot is partially hidden behind the other leg. Draw a series of lines across each leg to indicate the top of the boots. Then, draw pairs of lines, connected on each end, to further embellish the uniform.

Captain Marvel drawing – step 9
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 09

9. Draw pairs of curved lines across the lower leg, and a slipper-like outline across the top of the foot. Then, draw flames engulfing each of Captain Marvel’s hands. Use a series of curved lines that meet at sharp points.

Complete Captain Marvel drawing
How to Draw Captain Marvel Step 10

Color your cartoon of the superhero Captain Marvel. Her uniform is blue, red, and yellow.

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